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Among software developers Grails is very popular. Similar to companies in the manufacturing industry, also software companies are in heavy competition and therefor must constantly increase productivity.

An increase in productivity during software development can usually be achieved with a faster development process, cost reduction or improving software quality. Classically productivity measures can be named with time, cost and quality. UWS customers achieve such productivity improvements by using the grails framework for their enterprise software projects.

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What is Grails and Groovy?

Grails is a software development framework based on the Java platform, adhering to Java EE using the Groovy programming / scripting language. The Grails framework was designed for creating custom Web applications at high productivity (saving time, costs, increasing quality). Inspired by Ruby on Rails, Grails uses coding paradigms like convention over configuration and don't repeat yourself. Convention over configuration means that a software developer only needs to specify unconventional aspects of the application and for example the file structure plus the code itself define the configuration of the Grails application. Giving attention to the Don't Repeat Yourself paradigm means that repetitive code is avoided within the application. Grails also takes benefit of best practices from the Java EE framework, including Agile Software Development, Web Services and Unit Testing.


Grails Architecture EN

Unlike Ruby on Rails, Grails builds on several well-established software frameworks, and combines their functionality via Groovy. These frameworks include Java Enterprise Edition (Java EE, JEE), Spring, Hibernate and Quartz. Grails combines the speed of scripting languages with the stability and security of Java and is therefore ideally suited for enterprise use.


Benefits of Grails in Software Development

The use of Grails as a framework for software development has positive effects on productivity and direct plus indirect benefits such as:

  • Cost savings,
  • Rapid development cycles,
  • Improved software quality.

    With Grails, a sophisticated rich web application can be developed within weeks instead of month compared to an orthodox java project. These shorter development cycles lead to cost savings. The use of standards, best practices and above mentioned development paradigms can significantly improve quality of an enterprise application. Improved testability of the application code is another good argument for the Grails framework. Also a connection with external enterprise software can be established via services, which leads us to great flexibility in all directions. Additionally the Grails framework can be easily used for developing cloud applications with the vFabric stack.


    Grails Developers from UWS

    UWS as an outsourcing company is specialized in software development with the Grails framework, our Grails developers are specialized in software development with the Grails framework and have already performed many enterprise scale projects. The experience gained within UWS are diverse and profound.

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